Q & A

A Conversation With Alejandra Ribera

HOW DID YOU FIRST GET INVOLVED WITH ART OF TIME?In 2009 Andrew called me to sing I Want You for Art of Time's celebration of the 40th anniversary of Abbey Road. I was really lucky because someone else had to cancel and I was the "unknown" on the gig. It was my first time to singing at a venue that wasn't a bar.

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH ART OF TIME?It's a great challenge to interpret someone else's material and a huge gift to work with such immensely talented musicians. The arrangements are always innovative and beautiful and it takes me out of my comfort zone musically. In a word - it's fun.

WHO ARE SOME OF THE ARTISTS WHO'VE HAD AN INFLUENCE ON YOUR CRAFT?As a writer there's no one who inspires and challenges me more consistently than Rufus Wainwright. I admire him so much. Every record has my jaw on the floor. As a performer I'd have to say Bjork, Bette Middler and Billy Connolly. In each of those three artists I find a magical equilibrium between intuition, spontaneity and generosity towards their audience.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR GUILTY PLEASURES?I discovered the work of Marcel Dzama his show at the Musée d'art contemporain 5 years ago. I collect his books and pour over them. Occasionally I dream about writing songs for his images.