Kate Alton

Artistic Director Kate Alton is a K. M. Hunter award winner and Dora nominated dancer embarking on an exciting new phase with her revamped company under its new moniker, Crooked Figure Dances.

Her touring programs brought dance to many festivals in Canada and Festival Danse en Vol in Belgium. In 2004, Kate won a Harold Award and danced Peggy Baker's solo Unfold. In 2005 Kate was invited to create a work on Toronto Dance Theatre for their annual show, Four At The Winch. Alton was a featured member of Toronto Dance Theatre from 1989 - 1995. She has since worked with numerous renowned choreographers from across Canada and beyond. Forming Overall Dance in 1998, she presented several shows including Necessary Risks in 1998, Calculated Risks in 1999 and Acceleration in 2001.

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