Kevin Hearn

Keyboardist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Kevin Hearn studied classical piano. His professional career began when he joined the Look People in 1988, remaining with the band until 1993, and then, two years later, he stepped in for keyboardist Andy Creeggan in Barenaked Ladies.

Hearn started a sideline solo career, releasing a solo project, Mothball Mint, in 1997. He released a second solo album, H-Wing, in 2001. At this point Hearn had assembled his own band, Thin Buckle, to back him in his solo endeavors. He released a third solo album, again with Thin Buckle, called Night Light in 2003. A fourth, The Miracle Mile, appeared in 2006. Three years later, Hearn released his fifth solo project, Havana Winter, followed in 2011 by Cloud Maintenance.

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