Louis Simao

Louis Simao has been performing and recording as a multi-instrumentalist in North America and Europe for over a decade. Performing on bass, piano, accordion, guitar, vocals, pandeiro, surdo and cavaquinho, his love for music allows him to move freely through genres. Louis has studied jazz piano and acoustic bass in his hometown at York University, and abroad with bossa nova guitarist Alfredo Machado at Escola de Musica Vila Lobos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He has led, wrote and arranged for his own reputable world-music ensemble, Pedras da Rua. As a composer and producer, Simao has scored for OLN's In From the Outpost, has been published by Nightingale Music and Do Right! Music, has done sound design for Rogers Productions, and can also be heard on the soundtracks of Maya Gallus's Erotica as well as Bill Robertson's Apartment Hunting.

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