Michael Timmins

After forming Hunger Project and Germinal, Michael Timmins found his musical stride during a jam session in a Toronto garage with his brother - drummer Peter Timmins - and bassist Alan Anton in 1985. The inclusion of his sister Margo on vocals rounded out what would become Cowboy Junkies 

The band released its debut Whites Off Earth Now!! in 1986 on their own Latent Recordings label, and self-released The Trinity Session in 1988 after a single 14-hour marathon recording session in Toronto‚Äôs Church of the Holy Trinity. Cowboy Junkies were soon signed to RCA and reissued The Trinity Session to a wider audience, garnering platinum sales and worldwide recognition. 

Cowboy Junkies have continued to record and tour, producing fourteen studio albums, most recently releasing the ambitious four-record The Nomad Series and the collaborative The Kennedy Suite.


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