Sid Bobb

Sid Bobb is a Gemini award-winning actor from Salish territory in British Columbia. Combining his cultural knowledge and experience as an actor and teacher, Sid has been committed to helping bring Aboriginal stories and culture to the forefront. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s sociology and drama programs, attended the Second City school of training, the Banff Centre for the Art’s Aboriginal Dance Project and the Native Theatre School (presently known as the Centre for Indigenous Theatre. He has been a professional actor since 1993, and for the past four years, as a founding member of Aanmitaagzi, he has been working with Nipissing First Nation’s youth, elders and community; engaging the youth within the arts and assisting in carrying forward the traditional and life stories of Nipissing.

Art of Time Ensemble Appearances
That's Not Funny, 2016

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