Sylvain Poirier

Artistic director of dansesylvaindanse[point]com, Sylvain Poirier has been active on the Montreal contemporary dance scene for more than 20 years. Although once an athlete, he began his career as a dancer with Louise Lapierre in 1984 and two years later, he became a member of Montréal Danse. In 1990, he became a freelance dancer, working with a number of independent choreographers and collaborating on many occasions with dance companies such as Sylvain Émard Danse, Les Productions Cas Public and la Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault. He also held the first role in two productions of Ciné Qua Non Film.

Mr. Poirier has been choreographing since 1998. His approach favours a poetic sense of movement, and his dance is like him: intense and sensitive. Today, Mr. Poirier follows his research work and choreographic creation with the La Poésie des Ailleurs cycle, which he is developing with his band dansesylvaindanse[point]com.

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