Past Shows

Oct 5-6, 2007
America the Black Angel

George Crumb's Black Angels and Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale) accompanied by live-mixed film by Peter Mettler. Allen Ginsberg's Howl set to music by Canadian composer Jonathan Goldsmith. Plus protest songs by Woody Guthrie & Bob Dylan performed by Josh Finlayson & Andy Maize. Featuring actor Ted Dykstra, and musicians Susan Hoeppner (flute), Tokai String Quartet, Michael White (trumpet) & Andrew Burashko (piano).

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Program & Repertoire

Vox Balenae (Voice of the Whale)

George Crumb

i. Vocalise (For the Beginning of Time)

ii. Sea Theme

iii. Archaeozoic

iv. Proterozoic

v. Paleozoic

vi. Mesozoic

vii. Cenozoic

iix. Sea Nocturne


Jonathan Goldsmith

Text by Allen Ginsberg


It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding - Listen

Bob Dylan

Masters of War

Bob Dylan

The Sinking of The Reuben James

Woody Guthrie

Wreck of the Old '97

Woody Guthrie

Black Angels

George Crumb

1. Departure

i. Threnody I: Night of the Electric Insects

ii. Sounds of Bones and Flutes

iii.  Lost Bells

iv. Devil-music

v. Danse Macabre

2. Absence

i. Payana Lachrymae

ii. Threnody II: Black Angels!

iii. Sarabanda a la Muerta Oscura

iv. Lost Bells (echo)

3. Return

i. God Music

ii. Ancient Voices

iii. Ancient Voices (echo)

iv. Threnody III: Night of Electric Insects


Andrew Burashko, piano

Ted Dykstra, narrator

Josh Finlayson, singer & guitar

Jonathan Goldsmith, piano

Rafael Hoekman, cello

Susan Hoeppner, flute

George Koller, bass

Andy Maize, singer

Peter Mettler, live film mix

Tokai String Quartet

Michael White, trumpet