Past Shows

Mar 15-16, 2007
Schubert: Source & Inspiration

Featuring the world premiere of 10 new songs composed and performed by Sarah Slean, Andy Maize, Martin Tielli, Danny Michel and John Southworth. Commissioned to incorporate material from Schubert's 2nd Piano Trio. The program will open with the Schubert Trio - performed by Erika Raum (violin), Winona Zelenka (cello) and Andrew Burashko (piano).

Program & Repertoire

Trio No. 2, Op. 100 D 929

Franz Schubert

i. Allegro

ii. Andante con moto

iii. Scherzo - allegro moderato

iv. Allegro Moderato


City of Sirens

Glitter Dust & Cotton Balls

Andy Maize

Good Mourning


John Southworth


Rye Whiskey

Danny Michel

Lonely Side of the Moon

The Rose

Sarah Slean

Aluminum Files

The House With The Laughing Windows

Martin Tielli


Andrew Burashko, piano

Jonathan Goldsmith, piano

Jono Grant, piano

Michael Johnston, piano

Andy Maize, singer

Danny Michel, singer

Rob Piltch, guitar

Erika Raum, violin

Sarah Slean, singer

John Southworth, singer

Martin Tielli, singer

Winona Zelenka, cello