War of the Worlds (excerpts)

Howard Koch


War of the Worlds (excerpts)

Howard Koch

Sound of Water

Sarah Slean, arr. by Cameron Wilson

Halloween Parade

Lou Reed, arr. by Jonathan Goldsmith

Overture on Hebrew Themes

Sergei Prokofiev

Piano Trio No. 2, i. Allegro

Franz Schubert

Having Myself a Time

Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger, arr. by Gavin Bryars


Lou Reed, arr. by Dan Parr


Gabriel Prokofiev

In the Fire of Conflict

Christos Hatzis, choreography by Peggy Baker

Doom. A Sigh

Istvan Marta

Camera Obscura, ii. Quarter Note = 114

Jonathan Goldsmith

I'm Sticking With You

Lou Reed, arr. by Cameron Wilson

Piano Trio No. 2, ii. Andante con moto

Franz Schubert