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Mar 22-24, 2018, 8PM

Alexander Scriabin's 24 Preludes, Op. 11 for piano are presented in a special solo performance by Andrew Burashko. Each of the preludes is bathed in an immersive colourfield experience, crafted by esteemed lighting designer Kevin Lamotte, corresponding to Scriabin's synesthetic correlation of colour to music.

Paired with a lecture about art and synesthesia from renowned synesthesia expert, neurologist Dr. Richard Cytowic (author of The Man Who Tasted Shapes), this show promises to be a feast for the ears, the eyes and the mind.


Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto

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Visual Music & Metaphor

Dr. Richard Cytowic, neurologist

24 Preludes

Alexander Scriabin

Andrew Burashko, piano

No. 1 in C major - Vivace

No. 2 in A minor - Allegretto

No. 3 in G major - Vivo

No. 4 in E minor - Lento

No. 5 in D major - Andante cantabile

No. 6 in B minor - Allegro

No. 7 in A Major - Allegro assai

No. 8 in F# minor - Allegro agitato

No. 9 in E major - Andantino

No. 10 in C# minor - Andante

No. 11 in B Major - Allegro assai

No. 12 in G# minor - Andante

No. 13 in Gb major - Lento

No. 14 in Eb minor - Presto

No. 15 in Db major - Lento

No. 16 in Bb minor - Misterioso

No. 17 in Ab major - Allegretto

No. 18 in F minor - Allegro agitato

No. 19 in Eb major - Affuettoso

No. 20 in C minor - Appassionato

No. 21 in Bb major - Andante

No. 22 in G minor - Lento

No. 23 in F major - Vivo

No. 24 in D minor - Presto


Kevin Lamotte


Dr. Richard Cytowic, neurologist

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