We're touring our take on Sgt. Pepper with Orchestras across Canada.



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Joni Mitchell's "River" is performed by Jessica Mitchell in a stunning and heartbreaking arrangement by Jonathan Goldsmith.


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A Conversation with Earl McCluskie

Earl McCluskie is an integral part of the ensemble, yet is rarely seen from the stage! We chatted with the Sound Engineer about his work with Art of Time.



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News From Our Artists

Danny Michel: New Tour, New Ride

Singer-songwriter Danny Michel is no stranger to hitting the road and touring. He's just announced a new cross-country tour is in the works, but this time he's venturing out with a remarkable new vehicle.


Andrew's Blog

The Songbook Series

The Songbook concert series involves the guest singer selecting twelve songs of their choice. The songs are then delegated to a group of master arrangers who, in turn, arrange them for a six piece ensemble that is comprised of three classical musicians and three pop/jazz improvisers with the intention of exploiting everyone’s respective strengths. The programs also include an instrumental that features the classical players.

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Feb 12

We've got some exciting news to drop next week!!

Feb 12

. @ShakuraSaida such special performances. Thank YOU for being part of our Lou Reed tribute - the memories are indelible <3

Feb 12

RT @ShakuraSaida : if my day is really sucking, i watch this one & I realize that it's just 1 day in a life of love:…

Feb 12

RT @ShakuraSaida : sometimes when i'm having a bad day, i watch this video & remember how much fun my life is: #thx