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Tom Wilson (aka LeE HARVeY OsMOND) and the Ensemble musicians take on Lou Reed's Vicious, in a new arrangement by Dan Parr.


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A Conversation with Hoax Couture

Hoax Couture's Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell are costuming the world premiere of James Kudelka's #lovesexbrahms in Intermezzi. We asked them some questions about designing for dance.

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Margaret Atwood

An interview with Margaret Atwood.


News From Our Artists

Danny Michel: New Tour, New Ride

Singer-songwriter Danny Michel is no stranger to hitting the road and touring. He's just announced a new cross-country tour is in the works, but this time he's venturing out with a remarkable new vehicle.


Andrew's Blog

The Songbook Series

The Songbook concert series involves the guest singer selecting twelve songs of their choice. The songs are then delegated to a group of master arrangers who, in turn, arrange them for a six piece ensemble that is comprised of three classical musicians and three pop/jazz improvisers with the intention of exploiting everyone’s respective strengths. The programs also include an instrumental that features the classical players.

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May 25

@MaraEKing the wheels pictured are rumoured to be named "Lionel Richie", and we'll let you guess who they belong to! #BikeToWorkDay

May 25

Happy #biketowork day! Fun fact: everyone on staff at Art of Time either bikes or walks to work.

May 23

Last show of the 14/15 season!

May 23

We've got some sweet deals at the #songbook8 merch table!